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What is WorkBootsLog


Hello and welcome to workbootslog.com My name is Michael S. and I am on a mission to give you practical advice to make you happy and successful in your skill job.

The purpose of workbootslog.com was to provide the workers with easy-to-understand advice in their skill job.

I was frustrated by the lack of online information on these topics. I wanted workbootslog.com to be special, so I made sure to give the best tips to hard-working and busy-working people.

Michael S

About Me

I grew up in Rochester. I spent average childhood with my two older brothers. Thanks to my father, I became interested in construction work. As the years passed, I also completed my education and mastered the art of construction and roofing.

After completing my education, I continued to pursue a variety of skilled trades. It was a great pleasure for me to start advising my colleagues on construction and other industries. From then on, I started advising people about skilled trades, which is my last passion.

And with that in mind, I created workbootslog.com

I encountered a lot of difficulties and mistakes in creating this site and finally, I am thankful that I had the opportunity to share my thoughts and suggestions with people. My team and I have helped thousands of people live happier lives and has developed their career in skilled trade jobs.

Today the internet is full of cheap and substandard content that doesn’t help anyone

The good news is, that I’m working with some of the best professionals out there to ensure that the content you read here is not only high quality but also accurate and up to date.

This is because I can give you a place to advise you on your work without any confusion

How do we make our articles?

We gather questions

We collect all questions related to a topic. Whether it’s an informative post or a product review, our goal is to answer all questions about it. 

We do the research

We do extensive research and testing to find the answers to the collected questions, and it’s hard work

We write the articles

Our Writer Team joins the Research Team and discusses the best way to reach each article. Once everything is figured out, the research team writes an article.

Full Transparency

Due to the nature of the monetization system, we are not motivated to prioritize any brand or product. On the contrary, we strive to create content that is both valuable and attractive. As explained below we are part of the Amazon Affiliate program which pays us a small fee for any product purchased on Amazon after visiting our site. 

Do you have any more questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us then!