where are brunt work boots made

Where are brunt work boots made?

On this father’s day, I decided to give my father a pair of decent and comfortable work boots. He has been employed in a construction firm for the last 15 years and surely needs comfortable shoes. I planned to give him this surprise and for this, my brother helped me to hunt down the best work boots. After hours of searching, we found that Brunt work boots can be the best choice for my father.

However, the biggest problem for us, in this case, was what country these shoes are made of! This is because my father admires the local shoes.

So, where are brunt boots made? To my satisfaction, Brunt workboots are made in China (Aah, such a relief). We wanted to know more about brunt shoes, so we looked for a Brunt work boots review. Below is all that we found out during our hours of research on brunt footwear and I hope that you will find it helpful too. (After all this effort I bought one, too).

Work boots from Brunt come with a three-tiered guarantee:

  • There will be no compromises on the level of quality.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • They do not allow a third-party markup.

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Where are brunt work boots made?

The final two steps are straightforward. If you do not like the boots, you can get a refund in full. Direct internet purchases mean there is no merchant in between that needs to add a profit margin. It is the first thing I am going to focus on in my review. Brunt will have to outperform its rivals in terms of value if it is to succeed in the highly competitive market for work boots.


The scent was the first thing I noticed when I opened the box. That is right, the odor. I wish I could have preserved the scent of my Brunt Marin boots, which smell just like true leather should. They made an excellent impact right away. Stitching is mostly double, however, there is some single stitching at the top. It featured a moccasin-like appearance thanks to the contrast stitch color on the toe box.

brunt work boots

An overview of the Brunt Marin Work Boots


Wedge outsoles are often light in color, and this pair was no exception. The tread pattern was shallower than other heeled work boots, therefore you can say that it is a standard wedge shape.

  • The outsole

The medium brown leather looks great with the black lace hardware. We do not expect them to fail because of their metal structure and riveted fastening.

brunt boots review

Overall, the Marin is a stunning boot that lives up to Brunt’s high expectations.

  • The insole

There are three layers to the insole:

  • A nonstick top layer
  • A memory foam middle area
  • A cushioned bottom layer.

The rubber foam found in the midsole is where Brunt was forced to make a decision. Denser than EVA and other foam midsoles are seen in boots like the Keen Utility Cincinnati, this foam is used in this boot.

Consequently, it is more comfortable, and you will notice this if you spend a lot of time working in a concrete or asphalt environment. But it is not a bother at all. If you are running on something other than asphalt or concrete, the difference is less noticeable.

The advantage of using a denser foam is that it should last longer. We expect this midsole to last for a year or more, compared to certain other work boots that need to be replaced within six months.

Built to resist extreme weather conditions

Having equipment that can withstand temperature changes, high winds, and bad weather is a necessity when working in the field all day. Brunt workwear provides everything you need, from waterproof boots to sweatshirts with adjustable collars to keep you warm or dry in the rain or snow. You can rely on us to provide you with high-quality workwear that will keep you warm and dry in any weather.

A 30-day risk-free trial

We all know that the actual test of work clothing is how it performs in the real world. Hence, our 30-day risk-free trial policy. You can bring one of our items to work and use it for up to four weeks. Return them for a full refund if you don’t think they’re the appropriate fit for your needs; there are no questions asked.

Aesthetics and Feel

Brunt Marin work boots are available in a standard size range of 7–15, with half sizes ranging from 8–12. Because of this, I was left to choose between sizes 12 and 13, as usual. I decided on number 13. As it turns out, they are a half-size too big, so I should have gone with a 12.


Brunt prefers a one-size-fits-all breadth. Wearing a D-width boot is as simple as slipping it on and getting on with your day. To accommodate wider feet, remove the grey insert from the insole and place it on top of the insole.

Features that make Brunt Marine Boots Exceptional

  • Come with a rubber sole that is oil and slip-resistant
  • Waterproofing with a three-layer system
  • Lining made of breathable mesh
  • Certified to ASTM F2892-18


It is everything going well so far, but the final verdict will be determined by the price. Brunt Marin work boots are available for a reasonable price, and delivery is free. Given the quality of the materials and craftsmanship, we would anticipate a boot of this caliber to cost between $150 and $180, making it an exceptional buy.

Performance and Strength

Brunt creates durable workwear that can endure the rigors of daily use. When it comes to our goods, we only use high-quality materials that can stand up to wear and tear. Rubberized soles and strengthened high-wear regions are just some of the distinctive characteristics that make Brunt workwear suitable for a hard-working lifestyle.


People who are frequently on the go need versatile footwear and attire. You will no longer have to deal with cumbersome work attire or painfully stiff footwear.

A combination of flexible fabrics and clever functional design ensures that our workwear allows you to perform at your best, even on the most challenging of days.

What Do Other customers say about Brunt shoes?

The Marin has received over 875 good reviews on Brunt Workwear’s website as of this writing, and the great majority of them are from satisfied customers. In the reviews, comfort is a common theme.

According to several reviewers, they spent more money on their Brunts than they had ever spent on a pair of boots and were rewarded with a more durable boot. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in a professional environment, there isn’t anything below Brunt’s pricing range that’s worth it. Consequently, if you’re used to $80 boots, you’ll notice a significant difference with Brunt.

Brunt Boots Review: Positives and Negatives

Things I like:

  • Incredibly well-built
  • Perfectly modified to your desires.
  • At $135, this is a fantastic deal.
  • Shipping is free.
  • A thirty-day test period

Things I dislike:

  • You won’t be able to test them out before you buy because of the internet sales process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the brunt work boots a medium or a large width?

A 12 would have been a better choice since they run around 1/2 size large. Brunt prefers a one-size-fits-all breadth. With a D width, you can simply put the boot on and go about your day.

How do I know if I should get a half size larger or smaller for leather boots?

Make sure you do not attempt to clasp your foot into a boot that is too small for your foot. Regular boot sizes should also be avoided since even if larger boots suit the breadth of your foot, they will be too long and cause blisters, chafing, and heel slippage because they are too long.d work boots when you’re on your feet all day.

Is it correct to buy a larger size of leather boots?

Toe space should never be sacrificed by ordering a smaller boot size. The toe box can have some excess room, as long as the rest of the boot fits properly because there are no drawbacks to having a larger toe box. While a smaller one can squeeze your foot and create a host of other issues, a larger one is better.


So, did I purchase a pair of Brunt Marin boots? According to everything I had learned up to this point, the answer is unequivocal yes! And my father loved it too.

However, there are limited catches to this hypothesis. You will first notice a difference on hard surfaces if you have already upgraded to the current super-cushy midsoles that some brands provide. This is because some companies have just introduced these midsoles. Second, because goods are sold through direct sales, you won’t be able to try them on in a physical store. That might be a problem for you if you’re the type of person who has to ensure everything is in order before starting their first day on the job.

Having said that, I dare you to find a pair of work boots that is of comparable quality to the ones that Brunt sells at the amount that they charge. In my opinion, there is no contest between the value offered by Brunt Work Boots and any other option on the market right now.